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  • Art  Nude :

The first modelling that Paisley did was for a private group of artists in Zimbabwe more than 10 years ago. These highly talented and creative artists allowed Paisley to incorporate her skills as performance artiste, clown and erotic artiste into the modelling sessions.  


Paisley would arrive at a class with a large array of accessories including masks, boots, wigs and boas and proceed to portray semi-nude stances of her various alter egos and performances. 


On one occasion, Paisley had an art modelling class directly after a clown show and consequently arrived at the art class with her face still painted.  The results were astounding to the extent that the art group decided to have Paisley perform a series of art nude sessions with her face painted in various Picasso style ways.  These nudes were aptley named, "The Painted Face Nudes" and sold instantly as a series to a collector in the USA.


The above incident served as a catalyst in Paisley's performance arts career as it led her to combine her circus skills with the art of erotica hence devoloping her now well established alter ego of Paisley X  -  ' le clown erotic'.


Paisley has continued to model regularly as an artist model for various private professional artists and art clubs including:  The Sussex University, The Sussex Art Club, The Compass Club, The Zebrano Bar in Soho as well as The Sketch Club in Chelsea, London. 


To see examples of Paisley's work as an Artist Model please take a look at

  • Life  Cast  Modelling :

One of the highlights in Paisley's modelling career came about when she was selected from literally hundreds of models by award winning Life Casters, C. J. Munn and Andre Masters, (, to model for a series of full length body casts.  The casts were commissioned by established garden designer Thomas Hoblyn, (, and his official sponsors for the Chelsea Flower Show.


The casts were of Paisley holding various poses depicting the female character 'Cunegonde' to correspond with the theme of Thomas's show garden, which was based on the story of Candide by Voltaire.


In addition to the above honor, Paisley was asked to perform two solo contemporary dance performances in the show garden on the opening day of the Chelsea Flower Show, to further portray the story of 'Candide' with the use of Mime and Contemporary Dance.  These performances turned out to be a resounding success and caused quite a stir with the World Press and 'A' List Audiences.


Paisley was quite amused to see Piers Morgan in her audience that day as two weeks prior to the abovementioned performances he had been one of her judges during a neo-burlesque striptease act; (which she had performed on her 7 foot unicycle for a live audience of over 2000 people as well as T.V. cameras in Britain's Got Talent).  Though Simon Cowell was clearly very impressed by Paisley and gave her the green light, Piers's response was to ask Paisley if she were in fact a man ...  It was said that after Piers watched Paisley X perform her (semi-nude) contemporary dances in the Show Gardens - he was fully convinced that she was indeed; "... all woman."


There were also a few subtle complications with regard to the Life Casts due to their risque nature and the fact that they were to be exhibited to members of the Royal Family on the Opening Day of the Chelsea Flower Show.  One example was being instructed to remove Paisley's hand from her stomach, (shown in the Life Cast pictured above), as one feared this would be;

 "...a little too erotic for the Queen." 

Paisley was delighted to see a photo in one of the daily newspapers the next day - showing the Queen gazing approvingly at one of the Life Casts, whilst coincidentally wearing a Paisley patterned dress!


Paisley continues to state that the Life Cast work she did with both C. J. Munn and Andre Masters remains some of the most challenging modelling work she has carried out in her entire modelling career - as well as the most rewarding.


To see some examples of the above work please take a look at 

  •  Photography :

Whilst Paisley was living in Africa she frequently performed her high profile Underground Gentlemen Only erotica show which she calls "The Paisley Xperience" - (shortened to "The PX Show").  As these shows are aways performed under a strictly "No Cameras Allowed" basis; Paisley commissioned an astoundingly talented local photographer called David Brazier to take photos of various aspects of her show for marketing purposes.

As a part of 'The PX Show' incorporates a U.V. Specialist Erotica Act, Paisley also (performance) modelled for David using neon body paint as well as neon drapes and juggling clubs which she danced and performed with in a blacked out studio with Ultraviolet Light.  These shoots were the beginning of a nearly ten year highly professional relationship between David and Paisley as Artist and Muse.  


Although commercially David and Paisley have made a Gentlemen's Agreement with regards to sharing proceeds on prints sold; as it is Paisley whom in fact commissions David to take the images that frequently haunt her mind; and whom then does the graphic design and editing of the images to bring them to final product; it is in fact her own artwork, hence she retains the full copyright of the (otherwise) collaborative photographic work which she titles her "Paisley X Art".  


In recent months David and Paisley have done a substantial amount of work together in a series of shoots that would often run into 6 or 7 hours in duration.  They continue their creative exploration in the field of Erotica Fine Art Photography, often incorporating Movement Photography as well as Neon Special Effects hence branching into the abstract and surreal aspects of the art form.  David and Paisley also enjoy delving into the Art of Minimalism - portraying the mystery and beauty of the human form with the use of minimal lines emerging from total blackness.


Paisley is presently taking steps to develop and exhibit some of her 'X Art' Prints and Posters in online galleries.  Watch this space for further developments in regard to this.  To see some examples of Paisley as a Photographic Model, as well as Visual Artiste & Muse, please browse the following Galleries:


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