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Biography :

Gillian Black was born in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).  In this highly unlikely setting and from a very young age Paisley became fascinated in Clowns, Mask Work and the Performance Arts.


Due to the isolated surroundings she lived in, Paisley was completely self taught when she began clowning in Zimbabwe nearly 20 years ago.  After a few years of doing so she left Africa to live in Paris for four years, where she attended Jacques Lecoq Theatre School and Annie Fratellini Circus School.


Her main source of income whilst attending these schools was living from the coins she collected in her top hat from busking with her tall unicycle on the cobbled streets of Paris.  Paisley also attended the City Literature Institute in London for 3 months where she specialised in Mime, Mask and Movement, (Corporal Expressionism).


Living a nomadic life between Europe and Africa Gillian became professional as an entertainer for all ages.  Using her alter ego "Ingo the clown"  she went on to perform for many years at festivals, private parties, cabarets and variety shows. 


About 10 years ago Paisley began art nude modelling for artists and photographers alike and immediately found she had a natural affinity for it.  She began incorporating her mime, mask and movement skills with her modelling techniques from the start.  It was through this stylised type of what she calls "performance modelling" that Gillian was drawn to Erotic (performance) Art and developed the alter ego of 'Paisley X'.

Paisley has recently been granted the honour of being accepted as a member of the Chelsea Arts Club as a Performing Artist and Model.




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